Everyone Loves Peppa Pig World


Peppa Pig World is part of Paulton’s Park in Hampshire and we’ve been there several times with the kids, although we’ve never really seen Paulton’s Park itself because the big draw for toddlers is Peppa and once they’re in, it’s very difficult to get ‘em to leave! It’s a cosy little representation of Peppa and her cartoon friends, meaning it’s almost nauseatingly wholesome and perky but palatable enough for adults to endure. There are a few quaint little rides that bring to life some of the locations and characters from the TV show which little ones will love, while the grown-ups are slowly driven insane by the incessantly jolly Peppa Pig theme song. It. Never. Stops. Playing.

Grown-ups are slowly driven insane by the incessantly jolly Peppa Pig theme song. It. Never. Stops. Playing.

If you do finally crack then you can explore the rest of Paulton’s Park including the new Lost Kingdom which has dinosaurs everywhere and rollercoasters aimed at older kids. There are also animals to see and parks to explore, but Peppa Pig World alone can fill up most of your day if you’re not rushing around too much.

Windy Castle at Peppa Pig World
The mighty Windy Castle towering over Peppa Pig World

Hello, I’m Peppa Pig!

Peppa Pig World is west of Southampton off the M27 and very easy to find. There’s load of parking and it’s free. To get into Peppa Pig World you need to buy admission to Paulton’s Park and unfortunately there isn’t really much in the way of offers. The best option is to get an online ticket before you go to save a few quid, it’s currently £27.50 per person. The key thing to remember is that kids under 1 meter go free, FREE! There are also family prices which should help and hotel packages if you want to do a couple of days and get the chance to explore more of Paulton’s Park itself. The hotel deals are worth looking at if you’re coming from afar and they will give you a second day of Park tickets for free, so you’re usually just paying for a night’s accommodation and getting a big saving.

There’s also an early hours admission to get into Peppa Pig World before everyone else. The Park usually opens at 10am but there are limited spots to get in at 9am. However, these are expensive. £11.50 for an adult and £22 for a 3-year-old, and that’s on top of admission tickets! You do get to spend some quality time with Peppa and George though and play in the soft play areas, but you only get access to the rides from 9:45am so don’t expect to beat many queues!

Peppa's Balloon Ride
Taking in the views from Peppa’s Balloon Ride

If you’ve got toddlers then the best time to go is during term-time in the middle of the week. The rides are short and sweet anyway, but it definitely helps the kid’s boredom if the queues are moving and the play areas are quiet. There’s also not much in the way of shade so going on hot, sunny days can be punishing. Just make sure you take plenty of water and head to the indoor areas if it gets too sweltering, because queues for the rides are very exposed and the kids might need a break from the heat.

There’s also not much in the way of shade so going on hot, sunny days can be punishing.

Dine-saws and Other Rides

There are 7 rides to choose from at Peppa Pig World. Don’t get too excited, most of them just go round and round but they’re perfectly enjoyable for toddlers. They also get through a lot of passengers so queues often move quickly and you’ll probably find 1 or 2 rides you want to go on several times. George’s Dinosaur Adventure and Daddy Pig’s Car Ride have the largest queuing areas and are the biggest attractions.

Rides aren’t recommended for babies under 12 months but otherwise the whole area is very kid proof. Here are the rides on offer in a rough order of ‘fun-ness’ as ranked by a couple of seasoned Peppa Pig World pros (our two kids):

George’s Dinosaur Adventure - This one’s the most exciting because you get to ride a dinosaur with your kid at the front and the grown-up on the back, sort of like a merry-go-round horse but it trundles around a mini Jurassic Park. It’s the only ride with a height restriction: 0.85m and if kids want to ride on their own they have to be over 1.1m.

Windy Castle Ride - This one’s cool because a few of you can sit in a gondola and you get taken way up high while you also go round in a small loop. You get the best views at the top of this ride plus Peppa and George are up there as well.

Daddy Pig’s Car Ride - Similar to the dinosaurs but you get 4 of you in a car, plus the kids can pretend to drive.

Riding the cars at Peppa Pig World
“For your first driving lesson release the hand- WATCH OUT FOR THAT MASSIVE RABBIT!”

Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride - Like Windy Castle except you’re in big balloon and just going round and round. It’s in the middle of the Park so you get a good 360 view of the area.

Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip - This one’s little boats that go round and round on water. Nothing too ground-breaking but there’s not much waiting time for this one.

Grandpa Pig’s Little Train - Grandpa Pig has a bit of a monopoly here. As you’ve probably guessed this is the same as the boats but on a train. Round and round once more!

Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight - This is a ferris wheel-style attraction but with oversized helicopters instead of gondolas. Unfortunately it moves slowly so there’s a bit of a queue, it also feels a bit slow on the ride, even the kids were fidgeting on this one. It doesn’t command the same views as Windy Castle so you could skip this one unless you’re a Peppa Pig completist.

Plenty More to Do

Once the kids are bored of going round and round then there are plenty of other things to do. Peppa Pig World might seem small when you first enter but it’s packed with places to explore and a perfect size for little legs. Dotted around are buildings that you can go and poke around like Peppa’s house, the library, Grandad Dog’s garage and the school house. They are simple little exhibits but good for a photo op, although a bit restrictive for pushchairs as there are often narrow passageways.

Inside Peppa's House
Peppa and the fam in their house

George’s Spaceship Playzone is a great indoor soft-play with loads of slides and ball pits. There’s the cafe in that building, plus the enormous toy shop which has all the usual playsets but plenty of merch for Daddy and Mummy Pig fans. There’s also Mr Potato’s outdoor playground and a Muddy Puddles water area. Thankfully it isn’t actually mud, just water fountains for the kids to splash around in. It’s definitely worth taking a picnic and sitting outside while the littles ones have a run around - if the theme music piped around the whole place doesn’t drive you potty first.

Peppa and George themselves put in an appearance at certain times on the stage in front of the School House, opposite the shop. There’s often a bit of a crowd to see them but it’s a good opportunity for the kids to wave hello. During the summer and peak times you might also see Mummy and Daddy Pig, Zoe Zebra or Suzy Sheep wandering around the Park.

Mr Rhino
A rare Mr Rhino in his natural habitat

Peppa Pig World is the perfect introduction to theme parks for toddlers. It has a nice familiar feel and nothing is too overbearing or likely to scare young kids. Our eldest still raves about it and keeps wanting to go back. As the kids get older, and taller, then it becomes more expensive but Peppa Pig World is definitely worth a visit if you’re only forking out for adult tickets and the kids still get in for free. Everyone loves Peppa Pig World when it’s free!